Gift Guide: Charcuterie Essentials

One great thing that's come out of 2020 is the rising popularity of charcuterie boards! Charcuterie boards can be simple or executed with a lot of creativity and unique cheese pairings. Regardless of your preferences when it comes to your meat and cheese board, charcuterie essentials make wonderful presents that your friends and family will use for years to come. 

1. Antique Brass Olive Spoon

No one likes digging through a bowl of olives with their fingers! Our antique brass olive spoon is the perfect tool to keep everyone's hands clean and it's a beautiful addition to any charcuterie spread. This olive spoon will make grabbing any type of olive out of any container a thing of the past. Click here to purchase.

2. Matte Gold Cheese Knife

Cheese knives are an essential part to any charcuterie board. How else are guests and friends supposed to move the cheese from the board to a cracker or piece of bread?! With our matte gold cheese knife, the charcuterie board will look beautiful and balanced. It also complements the slotted olive spoon above to make a great pair! Click here to purchase.

3. Teak Honey Dipper

This teak honey dipper is a mess free way to incorporate honey on a charcuterie board. Instead of trying to dish honey out with a spoon that just drips all over the place, your loved one will be immensely grateful for this tiny tool. It really does make a world of a difference. Click to purchase.

4. TruBee Classic Honey

You can't just give a teak honey dipper to a friend or coworker without giving them a new jar of honey too! Our TruBee classic honey is delicious and sleek enough to include on any meat and cheese board. Everyone will love using this honey with their blue cheese. Click here to purchase.

5. Brass Finish Food Markers 

When assembling a charcuterie board it's important to label all of the wonderful meats and cheeses that are present so the repetitive question of "what's this" can be avoided! With our brass finish food markers, labeling the delicious items included in the spread is simple. They even come with their own drawstring bag to keep all 4 markers together. Click here to purchase.

6. Round Reactive Glaze Plate

Building a charcuterie board is much easier when you have the right tools, like our round reactive glaze plate. This beautiful plate can be used as a resting place for other tools like our olive spoon or cheese knife. With this plate, keeping the charcuterie board clean throughout the night is easy! Click here to purchase.

7. White Round Charcuterie Board

No charcuterie board is complete without a beautiful serving tray! Our large white round charcuterie board is all white on one side and features two wooden stripes on the back side, which means it's essentially two different boards in one. This is the perfect gift for the cheese board lovers. Click here to purchase.

8. White Charcuterie Paper Runner

Sometimes a traditional board doesn't have enough space to serve all of your guests. That's why we also sell a white charcuterie paper runner! This paper runner functions as a very large charcuterie board with fun script phrases and plenty of space to create a grazing board. It's a great gift for those who love building complex meat and cheese boards for dinner parties and events. Click here to purchase.

9. Brass Finish Spoon

Every meat and cheese board is full of items with different textures, sizes, and shapes. This brass finish spoon is an aesthetic addition to any charcuterie board and can be used for just about anything. Give the gift of beautiful versatility with our brass finish spoon. Click here to purchase. 

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