Gift Guide: For the Tea Lover

There are few things better than waking up in the morning and sipping warm tea on a cold morning. If you know someone in your life that could go for a good cup of tea at any time of the day, then this gift guide will be your favorite holiday resource this season! 

1. "Enjoy the Gift" Black Trim Mug

This mug will help your friend or family member wake up every morning, sip on their favorite tea, and be grateful for everything they have in their life. With this mug, they can stay grounded while getting their morning caffeine in. Click here to purchase.


2. Gold Finish Tea Egg Strainer

Instead of going through countless tea bags, give the gift of an aesthetically pleasing way to brew and drink whole tea leaves. Loose leaf tea truly does create a better cup of tea, which is why our gold finish tea egg strainer is the perfect gift. Set your tea lover lose with this golden tea egg so they can drink any blend they want in style. Click here to purchase.


3. TruBee Honey

Every cup of tea deserves only the best honey. Our TruBee honey is truly some of the most delicious honey around. Your friend or family member will covet this honey and keep it to themselves so they don't have to share it with anyone else! Click here to purchase.


4. Double-Walled Glass Mug

Watching tea slowly infuse hot water is a very satisfying visual. With our double-walled glass mug, your tea drinker can slowly watch the tea turn the hot water different colors while their mind and worries drift away. Click here to purchase.


5. White Stoneware Sugar and Creamer Set No. 225

Sugar and cream sets don't have to be a thing of the past, especially when you gift our white stoneware No. 225 set! This imperfectly perfect sugar and creamer set is something that should be on display year round. Your loved one will appreciate the uniqueness and look forward to fixing their perfect cup of tea every morning with this set. Click here to purchase. 


6. "Tea and Jesus" Mug

You know your devout friend who's always praying for loved ones and keeping their eyes pointed towards God? You know the one; they want this mug! Our "Tea and Jesus" mug is classic and a gift that pretty much anyone will enjoy. Click here to purchase. 

7. Easy Leaf Tea by Timothy d'Offay 

There are so many different types of tea leaves and tea blends and ways to brew the perfect cup, which can get overwhelming. With this Easy Leaf Tea book, you can give the gift of exploration and knowledge surrounding something that they already love. Click here to purchase. 



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