Gift Guide: For the Cook

At Linen and Flax, you can find a little something for everybody on your list this year. We've created this Gift Guide to help you find the perfect present for the person in your life who loves to cook! Click the links in this guide to take you right to the products so you can add to cart and check another thing off your list this season. 

1. White and Gold Measuring Cups

These classic and sleek measuring cups will make cooking feel like a special event! They're white enameled with a shiny gold handle and come in a set of 4 so the cook will always have what she needs. This beautiful set of measuring cups are aesthetically pleasing and practical; what more could you want? Click here to purchase.

2. Three Pinch Pots with Lids on a Bamboo Tray

These pinch pots are seriously the perfect gift for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. These small ceramic pots with a leather strap on the lid can keep all their favorite spices or most used herbs in an easy to access pot that doubles as an element of decor on their kitchen countertop. They can even place the pinch pots in different areas of the home to be a cute catch all container! Click here to purchase.

3. Hand-Carved Teak Wood Spatula 

Every cook knows that a good wooden spatula is hands down one of the best tools in the kitchen. This hand-carved teak wood spatula isn't just functional, it's beautiful and will look great in their utensil holder on the counter or just sitting above a hot pot. Every cook could always use another wooden spatula, trust us. Click here to purchase.

4. Gold Whisk

A whisk gets a lot of use in the kitchen: from whisking eggs to making whipped cream, this gold whisk will be their new go-to tool. They'll want to leave this gold whisk out to make a statement and they'll honestly be excited to use it! Who says kitchen tools can't be functional and fabulous? Click here to purchase.

5. Gold Hammered Bowls 

If you're really looking to make a statement and create a splash in the kitchen, check out our gold hammered bowls! These beautiful bowls can be used as traditional mixing bowls, or they can be used as serving bowls, statement pieces on a kitchen table, or as decoration on a kitchen island. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure, they shouldn't be tucked away in a kitchen cabinet. Click here to purchase.

6. Truffle Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Truffles tend to make everything better, especially when they're an ingredient in hot sauce. This three pack of Truffle hot sauces is the perfect gift for those who love to add a little spice to their cooking. This hot sauce set includes the original truffle hot sauce, the white truffle hot sauce, and the hotter truffle hot sauce. Did we mention that this set is packaged in matte black, white, and gold? They'll be the star of the show in any dish and on any countertop. Click here to purchase.

7. Black and Bleu Spice Rub

The combination of spice with tangy blue cheese is definitely hard to beat, but it's really easy to add to any dish with our Black and Bleu Spice Rub mix. This mix by Spiceology features warm cajun seasonings with real bleu cheese to create an all natural blend that everyone will crave. Click here to purchase.

8. Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub 

If you know someone who loves the flavors of sundried tomatoes, garlic, olives, and aromatic herb blends, they'll love you for introducing you to the Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub blend. This spice mix is crafted with all natural herbs and spices to create a rub that smells like you're eating food on the coast of Greece. The Greek Freak Mediterranean Rub will be so hard to put down and makes a great stocking stuffer. Click here to purchase.

9. Nashville Hot Chicken Rub 

Everyone knows how wonderful, delicious, and spicy Nashville Hot chicken is and with our Nashville Hot Chicken Rub, it's easy to recreate that hot fried chicken taste at home. You can even put it on pork, fish, veggies, and anything else that could use a hint of spice and a kick of cayenne. Click here to purchase.

10. Natural Linen Apron

Great memories, delicious food, and new recipes can come out of the kitchen, but every cook knows that although there are a lot of upsides to cooking at home, there's always a mess left behind. Our Natural Linen Apron will keep clothes clean and the mess at a distance in a classic and fashionable way. Click here to purchase.



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